MPC Adds New Satin Plating Capabilities To Their Plastic Plating Line

As bright chrome plating on plastic gives way in many applications to a popular finish called “Satin Chrome” MPC has stepped up to meet the demand. Earlier in 2016 we introduced a new process called satin plating and inserted this capability into our existing automatic hoist system for plastic electroplating. This integration of finish technologies allows the satin process to co-exist with our bright plating line so that either process can be addressed on our computer controlled hoist system. The satin process additionally provides advantages over traditional satin plating baths in color uniformity and consistency.

While bright chrome still retains its popularity in many industries satin chrome provides a subtle finish that reduces the appearance of scratches and hides dirt and fingerprints. The automotive and appliance industries, among others are gravitating to this elegant new look.

Our process can be adjusted to meet both interior and exterior specifications and we have approvals or are in the process of receiving approvals from Ford, General Motors Nissan, and Daimler/Chrysler among others.

We continue to update our processes in order to provide you with exceptional, professional service and a finished product that will exceed your expectations and add lasting beauty and a durable finish to your end product.

We invite you to contact us for more information about this process. We would love to provide a quotation for your project and we think you will like what we have to show you.

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The past 3 years, including this year, have been at zero PPM. Zero PPM over 1.4 million parts per year is something to be very proud of. I would like to commend your employees for a job well done!

— David Wolanin