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Seriously… It’s All About the Quality

While the plating industry has changed throughout the years, MPC has remained on the cutting edge of technology. We’ve established our leadership by implementing and applying the latest advancements in plating technology. We believe that it’s our responsibility to assure that our customers reap the benefits of ever greater efficiency and consistently superior quality.

But what we’re the most proud of is our customer loyalty. Our repeat business rate is very high. We believe it’s due to a combination of factors but, mainly it’s because of the quality of our finished products.

Quality Processes

Of course, we’re certified, which means we meet or exceed industry standards for effective manufacturing techniques. But we take quality a few steps further than most companies.

We do our polishing and buffing in-house. This not only gives us better control over the entire process, but it also gives us to opportunity for additional, in-person inspections. So if there is a concern in the substrate, we catch it and fix it – quickly and efficiently.

We also have an in-house laboratory, which performs the most sophisticated tests on a continual basis to assure each and every piece we produce meets our exacting production standards.

It is always a great feeling to know that I can hand orders to MPC and have no worries.

                                       — Angela Ham – Carolina Technical Plastics 

The Art of Plating

Our plating capabilities are extensive, including the full range of finishes/coatings on both metals and plastics. We handle components of all sizes and prepare them for use in the most demanding environments.

Customer service is our top priority Call us at Toll Free 800-382-5501 or for local calls (216) 881-7220.

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