Plating on Plastics

Building Bonds of Trust

When it comes to plating on ABS and ABS/PC Resins, the primary consideration for choosing a supplier is obviously the overall finish quality of the final part. MPC’s state of the art electroplating process is superb and creates a strong,mechanical bond between the plating layers and the plastic. This guarantees plating adhesion and actually increases the strength of the part itself.

Our recently added state-of-the-art plating line for exterior applications is designed specifically to handle any sized component – large or small – that needs the corrosion and wear-resistance required in outdoor and exterior situations, including automotive and marine uses.

For over 30 years, we’ve maintained our position as one of the leading providers of quality plated parts for the automotive, plumbing, marine, and consumer product markets. Our computer controlled system monitoring and electroless copper applications help to maximize first-run production success and keep rework to an absolute minimum. Thus, your parts will cost you less to produce and you will be able to trust that your MPC production partner always has your best interests, and those of your customer, firmly in mind!

Bottom Line…. MPC Keeps Your Costs Low By Doing It Right – The First Time

It is always a great feeling to know that I can hand orders to MPC and have no worries.

                                       — Angela Ham – Carolina Technical Plastics 

The Art of Plating

When it comes to plastics, there’s nothing lightweight about MPC’s processes. We offer the same beautiful finishes as our metal operations, plus our years of expertise can help you to sharpen that competitive edge when production economics demand.

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