Quality Control on Metals

Go Ahead, Test Our “Metal”

We’re totally confident in our ability to perform. After all, we monitor quality continuously. Our “closed loop” quality assurance system inspects all plated pieces for 16 different attributes in real time. That information is then fed into the data system for ongoing review. So, problems or trends are identified – and corrected – quickly and efficiently, for minimal waste of time and resources.

Of course, we’re ISO 9001-2008 certified and in short, we do it right the first time. That keeps our costs low and Maximizes Our Production Efficiency.

Our Quality Control Follows Our Parts – Forever

Metal parts are audited after 24 hours for the same 16 attributes that were checked in inspection. This information is fed into the computer and attached to the original files. Once parts are accepted by the auditor, computerized final shipping authorization labels are applied. This label and another which shows the date and shift that the part was plated allows traceability. Without these labels, no parts are shipped! Our goal is zero defects – and it’s all based on specifications we’ve previously agreed upon with our customers.

In-House Laboratory:

We keep our chemistry lab busy performing over 100 wet tests on a daily basis. Process variables such as chemistry and temperature are also monitored constantly. They also complete…

  • CASS testing for corrosion resistance evaluation per ASTM B-368
  • Dry thermal cycle testing for adhesion testing per ASTM B-553

The past 3 years, including this year, have been at zero PPM. Zero PPM over 1.4 million parts per year is something to be very proud of. I would like to commend your employees for a job well done!

— David Wolanin

The Art of Plating


With MPC you get a specialized program of lab testing and controls. Our certified technicians have all of the necessary equipment at their disposal to confirm performance for whatever usage your specifications may require.

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